Treatment of acne scars

Acne Scars

For some, acne scarring is an unfortunate reality. Acne scars occur during the natural healing process in your body when white blood cells start combating infection by releasing proteases. Those proteases can cause tremendous damage to the surrounding tissue and ultimately lead to forming new tissues that are not quite the same or as good as what was previously there.

For those that suffer from the scarring, there are solutions out there. Although various approaches are available, most show mediocre results. INFINI, on the other hand, provides an effective solution and real, tangible post-treatment results.

How does INFINI reduce acne scarring?

To reduce the appearance of acne scars, INFINI uses adjustable microneedles and fractionated radio-frequency energy that heat the deep layers in the skin to create targeted coagulation zones. The coagulation zones break down the scar tissue, stimulate collagen regeneration, and initiates the body’s natural healing process. The results is less visible scarring and a clearer complexion.

Does INFINI cause any skin damage?

Because INFINI precisely targets deep layers in the dermis and avoids the skin surface, it eliminates any thermal damage, allowing for faster healing. Recovery depends on treatment settings and usually does not take more than one or two days.

Your doctor will discuss your treatment with you and determine the number of treatments you need. Each session should take between 10 minutes and half an hour.

What makes INFINI the best solution for treating acne scars in dark Skin?

In its surface layers, dark skin contains high levels of melanin comparing to white skin. That itself makes dark skin more sensitive to heat and susceptible to Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) after laser treatment. That happens because laser causes more accumulation of heat in the surface layers of skin.

Unlike laser treatment, INFINI offers a more efficient solution that does not cause any damage to dark skin by using fractionated radio-frequency energy. That energy heats the deep layers in the skin without causing any thermal damage to the skin surface.