INFINI: Treating acne scars

no downtime and no side effects

Not simply a cosmetic change

You may have suffered from acne at some point, and for most, it’s a past you leave behind. But others may be left with scarring that is a permanent reminder of the unpleasantness of the disease. Many solutions to mitigate the scarring are available in the market. However, most only provide only limited and temporary relief.

INFINI, on the other hand, offers real results. It is a safe and effective solution for treating acne scars and reducing its appearance by using fractionated radio-frequency energy; energy that targets deep layers in the skin and stimulates collagen regeneration, which, in turn, helps in reconstructing tissue. As a result, acne scars become less visible and skin complexion is clearly improved.

Safe for your skin

Unlike other treatments, radio-frequency energy is colorblind. Therefore, INFINI is safe for your skin, no matter your natural complexion. INFINI can accommodate skin of all color, and more so, the technology allows for complete control treatment depth and energy levels without causing any damage to your skin.

Why is INFINI best for me?


This technology allows complete control over treatment depth and energy levels when targeting specific layers in the skin without causing any damage to the skin or its color.

No downtime.

Because this technology targets only deep layers in skin without causing any thermal damage to the surrounding tissues, there is essentially no recovery time.

Only in 30 minutes

Each session takes around 10 to 30 minutes only depending on your case. You can see noticeable results in a relatively short period of time.

Little discomfort

The built-in ComfortFlow™  technology enables smoother penetration via sequential microneedle insertion, which minimizes discomfort and eliminates any potential damage to your skin.